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The beneficiaries, a young couple from Bucharest, wanted to plan their future home in a harmonious, contemporary design that would allow as many compact storage spaces as possible, without visually loading a space from the very beginning.

The 2-room apartment of 80 sq m has a windfang towards the living room, where the passage has been done unitarily through a single storage body disposed along the entire length of the wall, to visually link the two areas. We used the generous height of the home to organize as many storage spaces as possible, creating a larger mobility surface in the rooms.

The living-room storage has a functional role, and the dynamics created by color-and-shape diversity add size and interest in a relatively minimalist design on the whole. The living-room is separated from the kitchen by a glass door, allowing the space to be seen as open, while the homeowners can still derive pleasure from cooking without being bothered by  odors in the rest of the home.

The kitchen renders continuity in style and coloring in respect to the living room, being geometrically engaging through the way in which the storage bodies were put to good use.

The small dimensions of the bedroom have led to the creation of a unitary space, which continues the shape play, however to a much finer extent. The nuances used create intimacy and a relaxing atmosphere, and the warm lighting  compliments the harmony created.

In the limited-space bathroom, it was essential that all the built-in items were “on the same page” visually, to give the feeling of space. Open coloring and the organized vertical storage add value to an airy design.

Finally, we made sure that the functionality is combined with ergonomics and aesthetics in every room, adding extra color to the decorative elements chosen, thus creating the bright, minimalist design where the young couple can relax in the place they now perceive as their home.

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