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Beneficiary Profile: A young medical student in his last year of study, who wanted to arrange this 2-room apartment with an area of ​​50 sq m to use as his own home.

The apartment is located in a socialist block of flats, built in 1967, the challenge was to adapt it to his current needs, by making the most of the space available in the existing room configuration.

In this sense, custom-made furniture in white and natural wood was designed, sometimes mirror plated, to meet storage requirements, giving the feeling of an airy and well-ordered space.

The access to the apartment and further in each room is facilitated by a generous hall, where the main storage area is integrated. Wooden blades create a geometric air and at the same time a natural space, being an element that can be found in the living room, thus achieving a unitary design.

The small surface of ​​the bathroom limits the storage options, we have therefore proposed the solution of hanging a cabinet above the washbasin, with mirrored doors. The beneficiary wanted to replace the bathtub with a walk-in shower. The texture and shading of natural wood in the furniture take the monochrome atmosphere conferred by the gray floor and wall tiles to another level, by adding it warmth.  The configuration of the kitchen meant the design of the furniture on one side of it, integrating the oven and gas hob, washing machine and dishwasher. The refrigerator was positioned on the opposite side, to the right of the dining area for two persons. Its horizontal continuity is assured by a radiator mask below the window. The neutral tones of the furniture allowed the proposal of a green-mint accent wall to  add energy to the room.

In the bedroom, white brick cladding and the graphic white and light gray photo-wallpaper give brightness to the space. The wardrobe complies with the minimalist line of the furniture, whereas the symmetry created by the bedside tables and lamps frame the Somproduct upholstered bed harmoniously, making it stand out. The shade of the curtains is the same green-mint that is to be found on the kitchen and living-room walls.

In the living-room, the wooden rim that distinguishes the two areas -  relaxation and study - catches the eye. The client  required a special office space, and on the entire surface of the wall opposite the windows we proposed a storage ensemble. The ensemble features several pigeon holes, the largest one being conceived as a reading nook.

To the right of the corner-piece  there is an extendable table from Ikea able to accommodate 4-6 people. The carpet and  vibrant color pictures complement the existing palette of gray  and beige undertones.

The balcony was also included in the design, not exclusively for storage. A cabinet was designed on the dimensions of a niche in the wall, and opposite there is a seating place made up of a dresser. Behind it we find another horizontal wooden rifle. A socializing area, where coffee can be served, is made up of the Ikea folding table and chairs.

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