Modular dwellings – homes for calamity victims

Case modulare - locuinte pentru victimele dezastrelor

Modular dwellings – homes for calamity victims

Modular houses STAND OUT in their way of being built as quickly as possible in various living environments, being perfectly functional, just like ordinary homes.

There are situations in life when choosing to build quickly is not just a desire, but an urgent need, as is the case of the  calamity homeless. The specific housing needs are directly determined by all the types of natural disasters and  casualties.

 A container home is designed to meet the victim's urgent need to find shelter, stabilize the housing environment for victims and effectively manages disaster-prone regions. It can also facilitate the rescue process by personalized designation of each modular house, depending on the specifics of the victims (epidemics, fires, earthquakes, radiation, etc.).

Temporary homes are vital for the reconstruction of areas affected by calamities and can be easily implemented through modular architecture. Containers not only respond to the immediate needs of the disaster victims, but can provide a living space for an entire family.

Modular dwellings for disaster victims respect three fundamental principles: upcycling, ecology and social responsibility. Thus, they contribute to the industrialization of recycling materials, build a circular economy, have a low impact on the environment, use sustainable materials, create a healthy indoor environment and abide by the human right man has to  a home.