Contemporary Architecture - Modular Homes

Arhitectura contemporană - case modulare

Contemporary Architecture - Modular Homes

Over the course of time, man has been experimenting various ways to ease his life and there appears to be an innate tendency to seek maximum benefits from a minimal effort. Everyday life is becoming more of a challenge as days go by  and technical progress lays great emphasis on effectiveness. This is also the case in construction work, where it is essential to build as quickly as possible.

Besides the building efficiency, another idea on which modern architecture is increasingly based on is environmental responsibility. Somehow, natural materials such as wood have regained their importance in the field, due to its ecological, durable, malleable and aesthetic qualities.

The need to build faster and at the same time be environmentally friendly is best met by an innovative concept in today`s ongoing architecture: modular dwellings. These constructions are designed to SMARTly integrate the characteristics of the ideal home of our times: they are durable, efficient, are built fast and cheaply, are flexible and can be moved easily.

In other words, modular houses are environmentally friendly, fast to build and efficient. They are considerate of the environment, from the very beginning of the construction workers, work equipment and suppliers are much lower in number and cost than in any other type of construction. They also minimize the demand for raw materials and can be reconditioned according to the new or growing needs of  people in general.

A key advantage of modular constructions is that they can be easily transported as a finished assembled product. Also, wood has a higher thermal resistance than steel structural elements and the container can be assembled or dismantled  very quickly - in order to relocate components.

Being built in an interior environment and later relocated, they provide greater safety to workers, reducing the risk of workplace injury.

Last but not least, besides providing maximum benefits, being cost-effective to build on a low budget and a tight schedule, modular constructions can take various forms and functions, depending on the customer's choices. Nowadays, a modern and aesthetic design used in the creation of modular homes is the combination of wood and glass,  conferring a minimalist and elegant look.

In conclusion, these innovative constructions very well sum up the needs of the present man and are way ahead of their time, having the ability to expand and change whenever the client wants a new personalization.