Modern interior design for a modular building of 6x8 m plus terrace

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The interior design project configures the space of a 2-room apartment, consisting of living-room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hallway and terrace. It is made up of two Solarbox modules with dimensions of 8x3 m each, resulting in an overall surface of 48 sq m. The ideal construction for a holiday  or permanent home  for two individuals.

We wanted to create the feeling of a larger space, which is why our vision meant arranging it in a modern style mainly by using earthy and beige undertones, in contrast to small color accents that emphasize the central elements of the rooms.

The hall is simple, spacious with neutral wooden furniture, being the threshold towards the modern beige shade design that will be reflected in the rest of the dwelling.

the hall

In the living-room, structured as an open space area, natural elements predominate, especially wood, which gives a feeling of intimacy by its presence in light colors. Furthermore, the modern design and the feeling of space are also done justice by the very large windows, as well as the beige curtains that allow the light to enter harmoniously.

The play of the yellow and purple accents give the room a touch of dynamics, these color shades conserving  the natural atmosphere, conveying a warm, welcoming, spring sensation.

living room

The kitchen sends out the same vibes through predominantly beige shades and natural elements, which assure lightness, with a focus on the modernity of household appliance glass, in a non-intrusive manner.


The bedroom is presented in two large fragments: on the one hand, there is the relaxation area, and on the other hand, there is the creative area. The modern desk prides itself on color accents, the predominant color being yellow, which facilitates a state of creativity and energy. The wooden monochrome wardrobe becomes a neutral element that enhances the sensation of brightness.

In the bathroom, the design is a minimalist one, and the fusion between the neutral tones of marble and furniture is present in this space, too, just like the small color accents, this time pale. The furniture communicates with the rest of the room at a geometric level, the room encompassing a pragmatic approach.

Our project is ideal for you if you want a home with a modern design, simple apparently but full of personality, alternating modern with classical elements, wood with glass, neutral colors with strong accents, all structured so as to give you the space and privacy you need.

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